Private Cellar Management

Establishing a balanced cellar is every wine collector’s goal. Understanding what to buy, and in what quantity, can be a challenge. Ideally, the cellar will fulfill one’s daily drinking needs, provide the kind of variety necessary for entertaining guests, and encourage personal growth and study, while simultaneously allowing for long term aging of worthy bottles.

Proper inventory management is also crucial—if you’ve ever opened a special bottle only to find that it smells of little more than dried leaves, and lacks body and finesse, then you understand the gloom of overshooting a wine’s best drinking window.

We can provide guidance on establishing a new cellar, balancing variety within the collection you already have, or managing the hold/drink/sell windows of older collections. Our goal is to make your cellar work for you, while broadening horizons when it comes to your palate and knowledge.


Personal Sommelier Services

Waldron Wine Selections is your personal Sommelier, someone who understands your preferences, and can guide you toward new discoveries. We will work one-on-one to truly understand what and how you taste, by teaching you a standardized system of tasting that will enable you to create and compare notes about wines you’ve enjoyed. We’ll maintain a database of your preferences, created by someone who understands exactly which components of individual wines pique your interest and fit your palate, and match you with wines you may not otherwise try.

When it’s time for entertaining, we can work with caterers to determine the right wines from your collection to use for a dinner party, or to determine the right cuisine to be served based on the wines you’ve already chosen, the season, types of guests, etc.

If you simply love learning about wine from its many historical, geographic, and chemical facets, a privately hosted educational dinner is a perfect opportunity for you and your guests to explore a grape, or a region, or a vintage in a setting in which no question is too simple or too complex.


Restaurant Staff Education, Food and Wine Pairing Services

As wine consumption across almost all US demographics increases, having a well-rounded wine program becomes of ever increasing importance. While a restaurateur may not be able to budget for a full-time sommelier, there is no reason that a viable, well-considered wine program cannot be achieved. Waldron Wine Selections can provide staff training for the list you already have in place, spurring server and bartender confidence and, in turn, sales. We can also work with your chef, providing recommendations for tailoring the list more appropriately for specialty dishes, or simply finding wines that complement the overall style and flavor-leanings of the cuisine. Seasonal menu changes may require changes to by-the-glass offerings, and the temperature outside can affect which wines happy hour guests are most likely to drink. Making the list work seamlessly is our goal.

Creating wine-centric events can provide a memorable customer experience as well. We specialize in multi-course dinners that explore the wines of a country or region, paired with the iconic foods of that area. Having an expert available to speak about each wine between courses, or to simply create engaging and educational tasting notes for a souvenir menu, can make the experience even more satisfying for guests, encouraging repeat business. We view wine as the perfect companion for any dining experience.


Tasting Room Staff Education, Hospitality Consulting

A winery’s brand hinges on two crucial components: the quality of its wines, and the quality of its people. The hospitality program should be staffed by highly knowledgeable, engaging individuals, with the end goal being to create not just customers, but brand ambassadors who will be the voice of the brand within their home communities.

Having a staff with a comprehensive knowledge of the entire winemaking process is essential. They should also be able to draw comparisons and juxtapositions between your wines and those of competitors, other regions/countries, or opposing styles. Having a standardized means of tasting and identifying components of wines is crucial, so that the hospitality staff communicates consistently amongst themselves, and with all customers. We can provide comprehensive training programs to ensure consistency of message.

Hospitality is a very difficult job, particularly in high-volume tasting rooms. Despite this, tastings should never come across as robotic or patronizing to visitors. Understanding what each individual guest desires from their tasting experience can be daunting, and is therefore often overlooked. But solving this puzzle is the key to providing a memorable tasting room experience. We can help your staff better understand how to evaluate individuals and groups quickly, in order to provide an unforgettable, customized tasting experience.

Programming more in-depth winery visits is an important draw, particularly for long-time collectors who are deeply passionate about wine. Vineyard and facility tours are helpful, but need to have the flexibility to actively engage and educate. Wine and food pairing sessions make for memorable afternoons, but even more so when the participants are actively learning about the science behind the process. We can institute programs that ensure every customer leaves with a better understanding of wine, winemaking, and food pairing—even those who have long been passionate about such things. Your new brand ambassadors will thank you. 

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